Guide customers to buy Vip through Paypal

With just a few simple steps, customers can buy Vip Fshare package quickly and easily through Paypal. 

Step 1: Access the Website perform a “Login” account. If you do not have a Fshare account, please click “Sign up now”.

Step 2: In “Update Vip”, select the service pack you want to buy

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Step 3: Choose the package according to your usage needs

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Step 4: If you have “promotion code” then please enter in the box below then click “Apply”. If not, please click “Next”.

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Step 5: Click on the “PayPal” payment method

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Then enter your Paypal account -> Payment -> Confirm

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Step 6: After completing all payment steps, the system will display a notice of successful transaction of the purchased service pack and you can use the service immediately.

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